I’m Kiki, who is bonafide foodie with a great palate and restaurant industrial knowledge. Good food, drinks, and the restaurant industry (and travel) are my passion in life. During my 20 years in the restaurant/hotel industry, I’ve literally moved from the bottom up. I cook all kinds of cuisines and eat healthy in general – I workout so that I can eat. I’m certified sommelier who tastes all kinds of drinks – craving for knowledge has nothing to do with my alcohol tolerance. That’s why my Yelp reviews are helpful and insightful. My love of photography and art are also helpful, too.

I started the blog because I want to help people to enjoy food and drinks as much as I do. There are so many ways to eat healthy and still enjoy eating and drinking. Eating should be fun! I love to learn and constantly learn something on a daily basis. Knowledge is power. That’s why I want to share you with full of insightful information and helpful tips about food, drinks, healthy eating and more.


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