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To help you achieve healthy living and financial freedom

Diet sucks! Avoiding what you love and starving yourself isn’t the answer. Temporary diet won’t last nor succeed despite your efforts. I’ve done that, too. Now I eat healthy, workout, and stay healthy/sexy. I never want to just eat a plain chicken and grilled asparagus. I believe eating should be fun. I constantly research on food, drinks, and healthy living so that I can find ways to stay and eat healthily. I also want to help you with how to do it without costing much. Healthy living – eat well, add effective exercise while saving/making money. That’s the goal here.

Read through a series of posts – I cover various topics to make this fun. By signing up to my newsletter, you can read more topics I can’t cover on posts (I need a lot of time to post!). Staying healthy makes your life so much better!

About Kiki

I’m a healthy eating foodie with restaurant industry background. Good food, drinks, and the restaurant industry (and travel) are my passion in life.

I cook and eat all kinds of cuisines, generally healthy.
I workout so that I can eat.
Sports I love: scuba, ski, surf, basketball, rafting, bike
I’m a certified sommelier and cheap date (little tolerance). Appreciation towards drinks won’t make me stop tasting nor learning.
I’ve been in the restaurant/hotel industry for 20 years literally moved up from the bottom. I owned my own restaurant, too.
I write Yelp reviews seriously as my memo and helpful tips.
I love photography and art. So I pick beautiful images here, so it’s not just a fun read.
I love data and information, so am creating a great pinterest.
I’m not a tech savvy, but learning everyday.


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