Miracle 13 foods that will not go bad

Miracle 13 foods that will not go bad

Miracle 13 Foods that will not go bad. Cool! Some foods will not go bad for quite a long while. We might have tossed many of those items we could have used. It’s never too late to learn which miracle 13 foods that will not go bad.

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Miracle 13 foods that will not go bad

It’s good to know 13 foods that will not go bad. We tend to waste lots of food – 40% of food production goes to waste. Many of the wastes come from households, so we must be careful not to waste the food. Knowledge is power. I’ll show you which foods won’t go bad. You’ll surprise some of the items you didn’t know that won’t go bad.

13 miracle long shelf life foods that won't go bad

1. Bouillon cubes

It lasts long due to its high salt content. These cubes won’t go bad, which is a great reason to keep a container of them in your cupboard.

A good rule of thumb: foods will generally have a very long shelf life if they are very salty, sugary, or stored in vinegar. Those foods won’t go bad easily.

2. Cornstarch

Cornstarch won’t go bad, so long as it doesn’t get wet and is kept in a dry and cool place.

3. Dried beans

Dried beans won’t go bad in sealed or airtight packaging. But older beans may take longer to cook.

4. Hard liquor

While the flavors will almost certainly change (because of oxidation), and an opened bottle may be short a few ounces because of evaporation, your spirits will be OK to drink.

5. Honey

It lasts long because it’s highly resistant to bacteria. The processing and sealing of honey also add to its indefinite shelf life. Despite being low in moisture, honey’s sugars are hygroscopic: they take in moisture from the air. When the heated and strained honey is sealed properly, moisture cannot be absorbed, and the honey stays the same forever. The oldest jar of the sweet stuff ever found is believed to be 5500 years old.

6. Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup lasts at least several years. If you see the mold on the top of it, you can simply remove that. Then bring it to a boil and return it to a clean container.

7. Powdered milk

The taste isn’t quite as good, but it lasts long. Powdered milk is also easier to transport and store than fresh milk.

8. Pure vanilla extract

Since pure vanilla extract contains alcohol, which helps prolong the shelf life. Imitation vanilla extract doesn’t have as much alcohol as its pure counterpart does. So as long as your extract is pure and properly sealed, you can keep it long.

9. Salt

Salt, sodium chloride is a mineral. It effectively removes moisture from foods. Salt has also been used for a long time to preserve food items, most notably for fish. Salt lasts an incredibly long time. Some brands or types of salt contain iodine, which can reduce its shelf life to only about 5 years.

10. Soy sauce

You must have soy sauce for your sushi! Even after it has been opened, the salty condiment, soy sauce, can keep for years in your refrigerator.

11. Sugar

It lasts a long time. Powdered and granulated sugar can last for several years in air-tight containers.

12. Vinegar

Vinegar can stay in the pantry forever. White vinegar, balsamic vinegar, raspberry vinegar, rice wine vinegar, and red wine vinegar, you name it. Acid vinegar is self-preserving and doesn’t need refrigeration. Therefore, you can use vinegar for preserving other foods. That’s how “Edomae sushi” (authentic Japanese sushi-style that is familiar to you) started for the preservation of food without a refrigerator.

13. White Rice

White rice (polished rice) will stay good for up to 30 years (when stored in air-tight containers at temperatures below 40 degrees F). In comparison, brown rice will last only for 6 months because it contains more fiber and natural oils. A great example of a food that won’t go bad!

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Conclusion:  It's good to know extra knowledge on food so that you can minimize the food waste and gain a peace in your mind knowing some foods could last for a long time. 

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