12 items you can save on

12 items you can save on

Many Americans don’t have $1000 in the bank. There are so many items you can save on daily, but we tend to waste our money without thinking well for the sake of convenience. Why not recognize 12 items you can save on and use the money for something more important?

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12 items you can save on

We tend to spend, spend, spend for the sake of convenience. These are the 12 items you can save on:

12 items you can save on

1. Bottled water

Get an under-sink filter or a pitcher with a filter. It’s a fraction of the cost compared to bottled water. Get and use reusable water bottles. So many plastic bottles aren’t recycled and wasted. This is one of the most effective items you can save on and make a great impact on the environment. Here are the benefits of drinking water.

2. Canned beans

Cooking dry beans is easy, cheap, and tastier than canned beans. You don’t need to buy cans. It’s an item you can save on – big time!

3. Coffee

Brew coffee at home. It’s so much cheaper and tastes even better. If you don’t want that, cut the coffee shop visit once a week or buy from a shop that gives you a discount for bringing your own cup. Small things add up, especially if you go to Starbucks 3 times a week.

4. Exotic spices

It’s not always wise to buy those exotic spices you’re not so familiar with at your local supermarket. Go to international markets can save you tons on spices and specialty ingredients.

5. Fresh herbs

Start your own herb garden. Fresh herbs cost a lot at the supermarket and give you a lot more than you can use (unless you freeze them).

6. Grated cheese

Grated cheese costs you extra for the convenience. It’s easy to grate your own cheese with a less expensive cheese block and a cheap box grater.

7. Potatoes by weight

Bagged potatoes are a better deal than ones by weight.

8. Prepared foods

You’re at the store already, just buy the ingredients and make it for a fraction of the cost at home. It’ll taste much better fresh. Prepared foods tend to have too much sodium, sugar, and calories.

9. Pre-washed/cut vegetables/fruits

It costs nearly 3 times the price for the convenience. If you buy whole lettuce, you can get more volume AND it costs less.

10. Reusable package

Reusable bags like Ziploc are only reused about 34% only in the US. What’s the point of being “reusable” if you don’t actually reuse it? Switch it to microwavable/freezable containers instead of using it only once. 

11. Shopping bag

It costs 10 cents per bag. If you bought 5 bags, you’d spend 50 cents per shopping. Bring your own bag. Not only do you save your money, but you also stop creating wastes for the environment. Save money and be eco-friendly.

12. Spice mix

Instead of buying spice mixes and marinade rubs for $5, you can make your own spice mix with seasonings you more likely have on hand already. Remember, a large portion of mixes are just salt.

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Conclusion: There are so many items you can save money on food. Small things make differences. Be more conscious about your purchase so that you can save money. 

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